San Jacinto Battleground

The USS Texas & the battlefield where the Battle of San Jacinto took place are both part of the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, located near Deer Park, Texas. It is situated in unincorporated Harris County, Texas, in close proximity to Houston, and it is accessible via the Houston Ship Channel. In 1960, the location received a designation as a National Historic Landmark.

The San Jacinto Monument is a notable structure that can be found within the park. The observation deck of the monument is accessible to guests via elevator, where they will find a view that encompasses Houston, the Houston Ship Channel, and the USS Texas.

The San Jacinto Museum of History may be found within the San Jacinto Monument’s lower level. In addition to the history of the Battle of San Jacinto, the museum’s displays focus on the history of Texan culture, which includes the influences of the Mayans, Spanish, and Mexicans; the history of the Texas Revolution and the Republic of Texas; and notable personalities from Texas’s past.

A film with the title Texas Forever!! will be shown at the Jesse H. Jones Theatre for Texas Studies, which has seating for 160 people. The conflict that took place at San Jacinto.

The ship was entrusted to the custody of the Battleship Texas Commission, which was constituted by the Texas Legislature in April 1947. The first thing the Commission needed to do was come up with the $225,000 needed to pay for her to be towed from Baltimore to San Jacinto. The Texas started her journey to her new berth along the busy Houston Ship Channel at the San Jacinto Monument, at San Jacinto State Park, in March 1948. She arrived there in April 1948, and the next day she was turned over to the State of Texas to serve as a permanent memorial there.

The 21st of April is a notable day because it was on that day in 1836 that the pivotal Battle of San Jacinto took place. This battle put an end to the Texas Revolution and led to the formation of the Republic of Texas, which later became a state of the United States in 1845. The United States’ very first battleship memorial museum is located in Texas. After being given to the state of Texas, the battleship was then given the honor of being commissioned as the flagship of the Texas Navy.

Along the seashore of the Bay Area, particularly in the Baytown-Pasadena region, the presence of underground water has caused considerable land subsidence and erosion. Since the turn of the 20th century, roughly one hundred and forty hectares (ha) of the battlefield have been eroded away by the water and become inaccessible.

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