Morgan Point

Morgan Point is a neighborhood in Deer Park, TX area that is located within the La Porte Independent School District. The population of Morgan Point is roughly 356 people. Morgan’s Point is a peaceful village that has the feel of a traditional American little town.

The city is a wonderful area to raise a family or retire since it has wonderful municipal services, safe neighborhoods, and a low crime rate. There are several historical markers scattered all across the city due to its significant role in the history of Texas.

The “Carriage House,” also known as City Hall, and the home that once belonged to Governor Ross S. Sterling, which is located just across the street, are both part of the Morgan’s Point National Historic District, along with a number of other noteworthy sites.

This townsite of New Washington was established in 1835 by Colonel James Morgan (1786-1866), who purchased 1,600 acres of land in the surrounding area in 1835. The townsite is located at the confluence of Buffalo Bayou and San Jacinto Bay.

Morgan, who was born in Philadelphia, moved to Texas in 1830 and worked in numerous capacities throughout his life there, including as a merchant, a civic leader, and a land agent. During the time that the town of New Washington was being torched by Mexican troops, the colonel was away from his house serving as a colonel in the Texas Revolution. Following the battle, Morgan and a number of other people began the process of rebuilding New Washington, which resulted in the townsite experiencing rapid growth. 

Morgan knew, however, that it could never compete with the rise of nearby Houston, and during the 1850s he began to support ideas for a channel along Buffalo Bayou that would expand the region’s potential for trade. This would allow for greater access to international markets. Charles Morgan, a wealthy businessman in the steamship industry, saw his vision through to fruition in 1876 when he dredged the Houston Ship Channel. 

As Houston expanded in size, New Washington became known primarily as a significant turn in the bayou where ships traveling along the bayou would make their stops. The townsite, which was founded in 1949 and is now known as Morgan’s Point, is a reminder of the early commercial history of Harris County and stands as a monument to this past.

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