La Porte

A thriving community, schools that have won numerous awards, a library that is state of the art, expansive parkland, easy access to the Houston Ship Channel, Galveston Bay, and downtown Houston, a municipal government that is willing to partner with businesses to ensure their success, the hometown of nearly 35,500 people, and many petrochemical industries. That is the city of La Porte in Texas.

La Porte is the oldest incorporated town in East Harris County. It is situated 25 miles east of downtown Houston and just north of Galveston. La Porte continues to get national honors for its quality of life as well as its civic innovation.

La Porte is a city that has a plan for the future. One of our goals is to earn a reputation throughout the state of Texas as the premier municipal corporation. Our City Council decided to adopt an Airport Master Plan, a Comprehensive Plan, a Parks Master Plan, a Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Implementation Plan, a Northside Plan, a Zoning Ordinance, and a Bayfront Master Plan in order to make our vision a reality. 

Other plans that were approved include a Bayfront Master Plan. We advocate for a Mission Statement that inspires excellence on all fronts, as well as creativity and innovation for the community’s progressive development. La Porte provides exceptional municipal services thanks to an administrative staff that is dedicated to maintaining the best possible standards for the city’s residents.

La Porte Contains a large number of pretty cool parks as well as a beach. It boasts a wonderful historic district that is packed with excellent antique shops. There has been an increase in the number of 18-wheelers operating in the region as a direct consequence of efforts to expand the number of warehouses that are used for the storage and shipment of goods. The roads are suffering from the increased traffic, which is having a negative impact. There has been further expansion in terms of shopping and other areas of development. There is a new fitness center, as well as food stores and restaurants, which are all beneficial to the neighborhood.

When compared to the cost of housing in Deer Park, the cost of housing in La Porte is 7.4 percent less expensive. In addition, residents of La Porte have a commute that is, on average, 2.7 minutes longer than those of Deer Park.

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