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The Art Park Players, which are put on by the Park and Recreation Department, are considered to be one of the most interesting and unusual tourist attractions in Deer Park, TX. Due to the fact that they are one of the few remaining dinner theaters in the state of Texas, they are an invaluable asset to the city of Deer Park. This attraction brings a lot of people to Deer Park since it puts on four main shows each season, the ticket costs are reasonable, and it hosts a wide variety of smaller events all throughout the year. The Deer Park Municipal Court and Theater Building, which can be found at 1302 Center Street, is where you’ll find the Art Park Players putting on their shows.

Would you like to go on an incredible adventure in the theater? You don’t even have to leave Deer Park; it’s entirely possible. At the Art Park Players Theatre, which you will be able to visit, there will be entertaining shows for you to watch.

At our stunning theater, which cost 3.7 million dollars to build and is located at 1302 Center Street, we put on high-quality adult stage performances four times a year for your enjoyment. These shows will be put on by a theatrical family that is pleased to call Art Park Players their home and that takes a great deal of satisfaction in their efforts, whether they are performing on stage or working behind the scenes.

As you are aware, it is a blessing that each of our events is able to sell out. However, in order to guarantee that you will not miss any of the performances, we strongly suggest that you purchase a season ticket or become a patron. Our ticket pricing continue to be the greatest offer in the area, and we continue to be the only dinner theater in Houston and the surrounding areas that is open all year.

A script-reading club was kicked up in the early months of 1979 by a handful of locals from Deer Park who convened at the Deer Park Community Center under the direction of Jeff Smith and Jean Riggs. This hard-working and creative group decided it was time to put on a concert after several weeks had passed and the number of people who had been coming to the gathering had increased. Once Upon a Mattress was the very first performance that they ever staged, and it took place in the Gaines Mason Auditorium at Deer Park High School later that same year.

These theater enthusiasts persisted in their efforts to recruit new members, and not long after that, the “Not-Yet-Named Theatre Company” came into existence and began producing their first season of shows. The City of Deer Park noticed the enthusiasm that our community has for the performing arts, and as a result, Sue Fenley Meyers was fortunate enough to be hired by the city to serve as the full-time artistic and managing director. The “Theatre Company with No Name Yet” eventually became known as the Art Park Players.

From our meager beginnings in Room 6 of the community center all the way to the wonderful theater facilities that the City of Deer Park granted us in December of 1986, it has been a long and thrilling trip to get here. But it has been worth it. When Sue decided to retire in April of 2004, longtime theatrical performer, junior Art Park Player director, and volunteer Susan Mele stepped in to take on the role of running the organization. Since 1981, Susan has served as an employee of the theater business.

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